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Srednyaya Bay, Russia

april 1 2019

Reef Guardians heads to Russia with Cousteau Team to free Orca and Beluga in Whale Jail

UPDATE November 17 2019:

All 10 Orca and 87 Beluga have been returned to their home in the Sea of Okhotsk!

Summerland, California

april 18 2019

Reef Guardians works with Heal the Ocean to locate leaking oil well heads

Kauai, Hawaii & Florida

april 18 2019

Reef Guardians research project "AI on the Reef" - "Robots on the Reef" receives multiple grants and gear from Microsoft, ESRI, Powervision, Paralenz and Manitou Foundation!

Preliminary research documents available upon request from media

Aggressive monitoring is the goal here and utilizing the power of intelligent drones that can capture images fly repetitive headings on land and in the sea are key components to monitoring a reefs health.

We are heading to Florida end of Feb. 2020 to continue discussions with FIU and their interest to participate in our research!

Santa Barbara, California

april 16 2019

Reef Guardians working with Dr. Doug McCauley, UCSB MSI to develop AI Drone that can detect sharks

The McCauley lab, lead by Dr. Doug McCauley at UCSB's Marine Science Institute, will be using select  RGH footage from a 3 year library collected on Great White shark juveniles. The Great White Shark studies were both commissioned and conducted by Reef Guardians along with CSU Long Beach Shark Lab and filmed by On the Wave Productions. Over 15 of these sharks were tagged and tracked over the past 2 years. The videos we are providing to the McCauley Lab are helping to create algorithms, mathmatical models, for the software that will eventually determine and track in real time great white and other sharks in recreational areas such as local beaches where we humans share the ocean with all creatures that dwell within it!


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