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Under the Sea


Reef Guardians is working hard to fund research and act as a catalyst bringing together researchers and scientists from NOAA, USGS, DLNR, Universities and more, forming a collaborative effort to address coral disease head on.

AI EARTH ROR Final Diagram.jpg


Diseases have played a major role in coral decline on Kauai. A new program is in place in collaboration with a number of leading technology companies to monitor Hawaii's reefs using AI and surface and aerial drones.



Sharks are a good sign of a healthy ocean environment and the Reef Guardians California research vessel has been quite busy this year from sharks to reef studies along the California coastline. 


Sea Turtles

USGS, NOAA, DLNR and Terry Lilley of Reef Guardians have been researching diseases in local turtles, working hard in the field to observe and gather blood and tissue samples of those animals who call the North Shore home.

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