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  • Island Wide Monitoring Program

Our reefs are a critical component for life here on Earth and the more we know, the more we can assist in maintaining this fragile ecosystem.

  • Reef Checks continue NaPali Coast and South Side

  • In July 2016, as we began our 1st NaPali journey and continue today to check up on the reefs and Marine life at Milolii and Nuololo along the rugged NaPali coast we had the pleasure of running into NOAA and it's research vessel the Hiialakai and 4 of its smaller craft.

  • They were along our Napali coast doing a study on coral reef bleaching!

  • Our reef checks revealed that the decline of the reef is still in full swing.

  • Back in 2016 WE SAW VERY LITTLE LIFE whether smaller marine fish to big game fish... pretty much devoid of all. At present this has NOT changed and continues to degrade.

  • We do still see pods of Spinner Dolphins.  Seeing these majestic cetaceans does give us hope that the reef will in time begin to recover as we have seen at Anini beach and Koloa! See Video Below.

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