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Reef Guardians Kula Kai Sea School

After School Program

Limited Enrollment

Early Registration Available by Email

We are inviting curious, ocean-loving children ages 5-8, to dive into an after-school program with Reef Guardians

culminating in a puppet show performance!

Children's Puppet Playshop

A Science, Art and Music Learning Adventure

A team of professional marine educators and artists facilitate students in exploring the world of fish, mermaids and marine animals.


The fun and fascinating program is taught from ecological, Hawaiian and scientific perspectives, encouraging values of stewardship, curiosity and a quest for learning.

Program dates and times

Stay tuned for future dates...


Church of the Pacific

4520 Kapaka Rd, Princeville, HI 96722


$100 for 5 days

For Scholarships ($50) and fee waivers (free!), email

This program is partially and
generously sponsored through grant funding and donations, greatly reducing
the cost of program fees.

Questions? Call (808) 651-0286

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