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Dr. Erik Cordes

Research Scientist-Temple University Arizona


Dr. Sylvia Earle

Mission Blue Founder, Chief Scientist, Researcher...


Dr. Charles Fisher

Professor of Biology. University Pennsylvania


Hillary Hauser

Executive Director Heal the Ocean

Dr. Mike Heithaus

Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences & Education; Professor in the Department of Biological Science sat FIU.

Dr. Samantha Joye

Marine biologist,Research Scientist


Terry Lilley

RGH co-founder, Marine Biologist, researcher. Educational Filmmaker.

Dennis Long

Executive Director California Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Dr. Nate Spindler

Marine Biologist, Coral research


Resource Network



Stewart D. Simonson

Chemical Engineer, Author and researcher.

Dr. Helen White 

PhD Chemical Oceanography M.I.T.

Chris Mobley

Superintendent NOAA CINMS


Mike Murray

Assistant Superintendent NOAA CINMS


John Christenson

Director-Coral Reef Conservation Program NOAA, Hawaii


Dr. Erika Montague**

Marine Biologist, Oceanographer


Alice Nguyen

Research scientist, UCSB, Marine biologist




Meet Reef Guardians in-residence Advisor and Marine Biologist Terry Lilley

Terry heads up Reef Guardians' reef monitoring activities. He knows the reefs like the back of his hand and performs regular reef surveys reporting on the health of the reefs on Kauai. He contributes to our Coral Reef Kids Camps with his educational reef talks utilizing both multimedia along with “hands on “experience as the campers head into the water on an immersive adventure where they experience the many aspects of life on the reef. Terry is a respected author and has garnered an extensive library of all marine related species in the Hawaiian chain. 

Educational films:       Ka Honu (Sea Turtles)                        Reefs in Peril                           Terry's Website

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