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Staff & Volunteers

Robin Mazor

Nonprofit Executive Director, Educator

Jess Rickard

Marine Biologist, Environmental Educator/Guide

Kamalani Brun

Hawaiian Cultural Specialist, Writer, Artist

Leo Leite

Audio & Video Specialist


Renee Janton

Ocean Educator and Guide, Divemaster

Robin Sealily Knox

Chief Scientist Water Quality

Terry Lilley

Biologist, Researcher Educational Filmmaker

Courtney Star Dressler

Biologist, Researcher


Kylie Van De Wyngaerde

Video & Website Editor Divemaster/Instructor


Michael Pytel

App & Business Development

Taliaferro Jones

Museum Exhibition Consultant, Ocean Advocate


Dr. Erik Cordes

Research Scientist-Temple University Arizona


Jean-Michel Cousteau

Ocean Explorer, Film Producer, Educator

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Mission Blue Founder, Chief Scientist, Researcher


Dr. Charles Fisher

Professor of Biology, University of Pennsylvania


Hillary Hauser

Executive Director Heal the Ocean

Dr. Mike Heithaus

Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences & Professor  Biological Sciences FIU

Holly Lohuis

Marine Biologist, researcher. Jean -Michel Cousteau team member


Dr. Samantha Joye

Marine biologist, Research Scientist

Dr. Nate Spindler

Marine Biologist, Coral research


Resource Network

Stewart D. Simonson

Chemical Engineer, Author and researcher

Dr. Greta Aeby 

Qatar University

Founder Eyes of the Reef


Dr. Helen White 

PhD Chemical Oceanography M.I.T.


Mike Murray

Assistant Superintendent NOAA CINMS


John Christenson

Director-Coral Reef Conservation Program NOAA, Hawaii


Ian Kellett

Underwater cinematographer, Ocean X

Dr. Erika Montague

Marine Biologist, Oceanographer


Alice Nguyen

Research scientist, UCSB, Marine biologist

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