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Na Kia’i Apapapa Signage Project

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A sick reef taken-over by invasive algae due to human impact 


It's up to all of us to protect what we love!


The Na Kia’i Apapapa Signage project is designed to implement an effective means of educating beach goers before, during and after their visits to the coral reef and other ocean and near shore destinations. 


Visitors, in particular, come to Kauai to experience our beautiful ocean without fully understanding how to protect the natural environment or themselves. Our reefs are trampled and poisoned with chemical sunscreens, animals are harassed, and people enter dangerous waters, some even losing their lives. Our plan is to provide targeted, digitally connected educational signage, maximizing contact with visitors and residents alike to engage them in deeper environmental awareness and protective practices. 

Educational Outreach


Prototype example of a sign

Three methods of educational outreach will be produced and distributed in order to spread the word on how to effectively interact with Hawaii's beautiful landscape.

QR codes featured on each form of communication will take beach-goers to a digital portal where they can learn more about how to safely interact with Kauai’s reefs through videos like the ones below.


Kaua'i map illustrating sign locations

Outdoor Signs

The oceanside signage will be strategically placed at locations frequented by beachgoers including County of Kaua’i parks and boat launches, State of Hawai’i parks, hotels, resorts and beach access trails.

Digital Connection

The digital signage is to be accessed via hotel, restaurant, eco-tour, airport, airline, and other business in-house broadcasting.


Indoor Signs

Indoor signage and window clings for community locations will be distributed throughout tourist locations such as resorts, retail shops, restaurants and visitor centers.

Project Support

The project is endorsed by the County of Kauai and State of Hawaii DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources Kauai office

Estimated funds needed to complete this important endeavor: $20,000


Donate to help fund reef and ocean education!

Want to help?

Let's protect our beautiful island!

Every contribution counts, big or small. Mahalo Nui Loa


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