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Coral Reef Nonprofit

Surrounded by blue oceans, coral reefs, and abundant marine life,
Reef Guardians is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with offices in Princeville, Kauai and in Santa Barbara, California. Our mantras are "Reef Preservation through Research, Restoration and Education,” and “Saving our Oceans, One Reef at a Time." We are dedicated to raising awareness of our valuable marine environment and focus on monitoring the health of our Marine environment and educating 
tomorrow's ocean advocates.

Our mission is to protect the reefs and to inform, educate and create action.


We strive to amplify the message of coral reef preservation, along with our research findings, in order to create solutions together. With a better understanding of the problems within this fragile ecosystem, we can begin on the path to creating solutions.


Education is key to protecting our reefs. Participation in Ocean conservation begins with our children. Reef Guardians provides programs for K-12 participation, such as the wildly popular Reef Camp. By educating tomorrow's advocates we can ensure the ocean's health for generations to come.

Create action

Reef Guardians works with local communities, universities, businesses and governments to monitor the rapid changes within our coastal environments. Using the latest developments in technology, we are putting our minds to the rest to create change.

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