California great white sharks

RGH has been leading the great white research in Santa Barbara starting back in 2014. We brought in Dr.Chris Lowe and CSULB Shark Lab back in 2015 and made our resources including our research vessel available for their research which continues today. Florida International University is also a new partner for RGH ocean based studies and will be developing an AI backbone for our latest project Robots on the Reef.

Reef Guardians in California research vessel REEF GUARDIAN has been quite busy this year from sharks to reef studies along the California coastline. The vessel has played a significant role in research with tagging and tracking juvenile Great White sharks off the Santa Barbara coast line.

Adam Ravetch, Harry Rabin, Max deGruy, Will Gale and Tom Piozet set out to film the juvenile Great Whites of Santa Barbara

Sharks are a good sign of a healthy ocean environment! We have been busy working closely with shark experts like Dr. Chris Lowe at CSULB Shark Lab and also with the Monterey Bay aquarium. Several documentaries have been made by On the Wave productions bringing awareness and good safe practices to all who enjoy our oceans. The Monterey Bay Aquariums current film features great whites and RGH donated 4K footage to the aquarium for their production. 

Our latest partnership is with the Florida international University marine science team! Together we are currently testing out new ocean surface skimming drones that will be used in our Robots on the Reef project. This research brings Artificial Intelligence into the fold as it will interpret data from both water and aerial based drones as they gather imagery to help determine the health of a reef system.



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