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Working along side CSU Long Beach Shark Lab and Dr. Chris Lowe

Adam Ravetch, Harry Rabin, Max deGruy, Will Gale and Tom Piozet set out to film the juvenile Great Whites of Santa Barbara

Reef Guardians in California has been busy working on their new research vessel REEF GUARDIAN I...The vessel already played a significant role in tagging juvenile Great White sharks off the Santa Barbara coast line.


Next on the list will be helping to locate and and also to secure new receivers to better aid in tracking these apex predators.


Sharks are a good sign of a healthy ocean environment! We have been busy working closely with shark experts like Dr. Chris Lowe at CSULB Shark Lab and also with the Monterey Bay aquarium. They will be producing a show on these juvenile sharks to be shown daily in their theater to well over 100,000  visitors who walk through their doors each year! Reef Guardians donated High Definition 4K film footage of these teenage sharks for the aquariums film.

Knowledge is Power! 

Through education programs like these the public will gain a better understanding of these magnificent junior apex predators .

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