September 17, 2019

On our trip to Russia, as a part of the Cousteau Team, our objective was to get almost 100 whales destined for Chinese aquariums, set free. 10 Orca and 87 Beluga were being held for over a year and now it was time to set them free, returned to their home over 1800 km f...

March 22, 2016

Happy to say that Helen White, PhD. is now onboard with Reef Guardians! Board Member Harry Rabin says: "I personally had the privilege of working with Helen in the Gulf of Mexico aboard WHOI's Atlantis for 3 weeks investigating the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil...

Coral on a Chip Cracks Coral Mysteries

We know that human-induced environmental changes are responsible for coral bleaching, disease, and infertility. Loss of the world’s stony coral reefs – up to 30% in the next 30 years, according to some estimates – will mean loss of...

March 14, 2016

New nonprofit Reef Guardians Hawaii aims to spread research, help save coral reef


Posted: Sunday, March 13, 2016 1:45 am | Updated: 8:12 pm, Sun Mar 13, 2016.
- The Garden Island 
HANALEI — Documentary filmmaker Harry Rabin has spent the last four years working with...

October 20, 2015

Energy and Environment

How we are all contributing to the destruction of coral reefs: Sunscreen



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By Darryl Fears October 20 at 5:00 AM  

A marine protected area in Papua New Guinea. (ARC COE for Coral Reef Studies/Marine Photoban...

Aloha Turtle Lovers,

The last two days has been good for the coral reefs and sea turtles at Tunnels Reef (Makua) in Kauai. This area in Kauai has suffered a massive coral loss in the last three years and recently a bunch of sea turtles with flipper and shell damage. D...

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