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children's science & art learning adventure

Coral Reef Kids Camp

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We are inviting curious, ocean-loving children ages 8-13, who have completed Grade 2 and can swim and enjoy snorkeling, to dive into the sea with us during  school breaks. Campers are in third grade to middle school.

High School students may enroll as interns.

Program dates

Registration is OPEN for Summer Break Sessions:  June and July 2024 at Anini Beach Park 


This fun and educational Kauai adventure camp program will meet at Anini beach by the boat launch. The full day program will meet  8:30 am - 2:30 pm, beginning with ocean safety and equipment instruction. In case of stormy conditions, the program will be held with land-only activities


Students will explore and study the world of fish, invertebrates, turtles, marine mammals, coral, algae and plankton. They will illustrate their discoveries through drawing and painting.  Campers will keep field notes, drawing and making paintings inspired by their first-hand experiences.


The curriculum will be taught from ecological, Hawaiian and scientific perspectives, encouraging values of stewardship, curiosity, and wonder as well as a quest for learning. Snorkel gear will be provided as well as art and science materials. 

Activities will include art and video making, games, and stewardship and advocacy awareness, along with fish, turtle, coral, invertebrate, mammal, and algae studies in preparation for diving in.

Reef Guardians has been inspiring participants in furthering goals for themselves in their education and career. We hope that through enjoying this learning adventure, the young participants will identify as reef guardians, grow their knowledge and understanding, and contribute to the well-being of our community.

Funds have been donated to make this program affordable to all. Program fees for winter Reef Camp are $195 for the whole 3-day program. Scholarships (half fee) and no cost (FREE) waivers are available (send us an email message). It's easy to apply online. 

The Kauai reef camp program is conducted by a team of professional marine educators and skilled volunteers in and out of the water.

Questions? Call (808) 651-0286

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