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Meet the
Reef Guardians Board


Accomplished executive director and educator with a proven ability to develop and implement organizational strategies that support human development, business growth, and team building. Recognized for effective leadership, positive, creative approaches to challenges, successful start-ups, and sustained operations. Trained in organizational management, best practices, and executive leadership. Member of museum and leadership associations.

Some people say Ms. Mazor AKA Auntie Robin is a mermaid. She has created and operated many ocean education programs introducing snorkeling and the love of the sea to children and certifying teens in scuba, developing teen heroes who cleaned the rubbish off the reef in their free time.  She is motivated by the opportunity to give children hands-on experiences of the marine environment and seeing their sense of wonder and their excitement in discovery, to watch them grow in understanding and appreciation, and make meaningful connection to the world that sustains us. That’s what drives her. "How lucky are we here to have our beautiful coral reef playground? Isn’t it worth the effort to educate our children to protect and preserve it?"

Robin Mazor

Rabin is an active official liaison and advisor between NOAA's Channel Islands Nat'l Marine Sanctuary and California Marine Sanctuary Foundation, Heal the Ocean, Whale Sanctuary Project and more ocean minded organizations.

Rabin is the founder of On the Wave Productions. Documentary filmmaker, explorer, advisor and the 2022 recipient of the prestigious Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences NOGI Award for the Environment. Rabin continues to take an active role in the preservation of our oceans, its reefs and marine inhabitants. His work and ties to the worlds scientific and research communities brings a wealth of knowledge to Reef Guardians all for the benefit of our environment.


Rabin has dual residence in Santa Barbara since 1974 and on Kauai since 1983. "Taking action begins in our own backyards, what environmental practices do you partake in right where you live! Reuse, Recycling, composting are good starting points and expanding that philosophy outward through education and good science will make a positive impact on our one and only planet!"

Harry Rabin

Harry in Russia copy.png

Tom’s goal is to bring Harmony to individuals, organizations, families and the environment. Through his experiences in business leadership, marketing, personal counseling and coaching at the executive level, Tom knows what it takes to make a positive difference in the world we all share.  ​

Tom is the President of Synergistic Energy Systems a firm specializing in Renewable Energy Technology and Industrial Water Purification Systems  in the US, Canada and South America.​ He is also the Co-founder and President of along with legendary Surfer and Co-founder of Quiksilver, Jeff Hakman and the first World Surfing Champion Felipe Pomar.

With over 10,000 hours underwater and as an active surfer and diver, for over 60 years, Tom has a deep personal love affair with the ocean and its inhabitants. He has a deep devotion to maintaining the welfare of our near shore coral reefs for the benefit of all life forms and is committed to help develop the culture, community, programs and needed funding to implement them so that our Coral Reefs are here to benefit future generations.

Tom believes that "We can make a difference, when we truly care, walk the talk and take action with Conviction of the Heart."

Tom Woods

Jan is a certified public accountant. She brings more than 25 years tax, financial and business consulting experience.


In her free time, Jan likes to hike, bike, snorkel and play basketball with her grandson.


"I am very glad to be working with this amazing small but mighty non-profit organization making a difference in our communities and natural environments."

Jan Hashizume

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