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Coral Disease Monitoring and Research

Coral diseases have been playing a major role in the decline of several native coral species surrounding Kauai and neighboring islands. Coral Bleaching, Black Band disease, Montipora and Cyanobacteria are but a few that reduced the living coral population significantly in a mere three years. Reef Guardians is working to innovate coral health monitoring and research technology and act as a catalyst bringing together researchers and

scientists from NOAA, USGS, DLNR, Universities and more, forming a collaborative effort. Our latest comprehensive report details the influence land based sources have been playing on the health of Kauai north shore reefs and indicating where specific testing, monitoring and remediation are needed.


Our children's Reef Camps over the last six years are expanding Kaua'i's community awareness of the coral reef habitat and human impact. The many hundreds of participating families share increased concern for the health of the coral and commitment to acting in protective ways. We have initiated a long term relationship with Hawaii Technology Academy involving teen youth in our AI technology coral monitoring development as well as our in-depth on-going study of the Anini watershed and lagoon. With our community's involvement and local, state and federal agencies, we continue to expand our education and research programs benefiting Hawaii's coral.

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