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RGH EVENT "A GREAT NIGHT for GREAT WHITES" as Great White Sharks Took Center Stage

Reef Guardians Hawaii has led great white shark research in Santa Barbara, CA for more than seven years when we first spotted juveniles arriving in April 2016. In 2017, we partnered with Dr. Chris Lowe and the California State University Long Beach (CSULB) Shark Lab to advance the research of this amazing species.

This summer, we produced "A Great Night of Great Whites" event benefitting the CSULB Shark Lab. The June event was held at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum raising over $5000.00 for ongoing research on California Great Whites and vital shark monitoring equipment that was both lost and destroyed during severe winter storms off of California coast during January..

Standing Room Only Event

CSULB Shark Lab Director Chris Lowe and his team captivated the crowd of more than 200 with his research of newly observed behaviors among the Santa Barbara coast Great Whites.

Joined by renowned On the Wave Productions filmmaker and Reef Guardians board member Harry Rabin along with fellow filmmaker Carlos Gauna, "The Malibu Artist," the event showcased never-seen-before footage of the graceful nature and unique behavior of these magnificent fish, including their clips from Disney Nature and National Geographic shows.

Big Winners

Two fortunate donors won the extraordinary chance to join the CSULB Shark Lab as observers on an upcoming research mission tagging great white sharks."It's amazing to be part of this event and see our collective efforts further Great White research," said Rabin. "Collaboration between Reef Guardians Hawaii and CSULB Shark Lab deepens our understanding and appreciation of these iconic ocean inhabitants."

Watch the entire event right here!

We're pleased to share video coverage of the featured speakers and their research.

Chris Lowe, CSULB Shark Lab Director

Ryan Logan and Yamilla Samara, CSULB Shark Lab

Harry Rabin, On the Wave Productions filmmaker and Reef Guardians board member

Carlos Gauna, "The Malibu Artist"


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