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Exploring Hawaii's Corals, Workshops Inspire Marine Conservation

Man giving presentation to small audience.
Coral expert Douglas Fenner shares health outlook of Hawaii's coral reefs.

Corals Draw Crowd

Reef Guardians Hawaiʻii sponsored and produced the teaching tour of coral ID expert and marine scientist Dr. Douglas Fenner for two community workshops on Kauaʻi in November 2023, featuring the release of the second edition of his guidebook, "Corals of Hawaii.” The well-attended workshops in Lihue and Princeville immersed 75 fascinated participants in the watery world of Hawaiian corals. Dr. Fenner presented a view of Kauai's corals and reefs from a research scientistʻs perspective, also addressing the environmental challenges corals face.

New Edition of "Corals of Hawaii"

"Corals of Hawaii," the first guidebook exclusively dedicated to Hawaiian corals, showcases nearly 90 species, including over 23 newly discovered varieties. The workshops left participants with a deepened appreciation for the intriguing beauty of coral, an increased understanding of the ecological significance of coral reefs in the Hawaiian islands, and the necessity to protect them.

Contact Reef Guardians Hawaiʻi to purchase a book:

The book and workshop were made available for ongoing community education. Reef Guardians works to raise awareness about conserving Hawaii's coral reefs and marine life. Its partnership with Dr. Fenner for the workshops is just one example of its efforts to promote marine conservation and inspire people to become ocean stewards.

Many thanks to The Cliffs of Princeville for hosting Dr. Fennerʻs stay and the Princeville workshop venue, and the Manitou Fund for supporting public education.

Group of snorkelers standing on beach.
Fenner with Reef Guardians and Kauai Divison of Aquatic Resources leadership.

About Douglas Fenner

Dr. Fenner is a marine scientist and coral conservation champion. His journey began with a BA from Reed College and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Fenner's extensive work and expeditions have taken him to coral reefs across the globe, from the Caribbean to Hawaiʻi, the Philippines, Australia, and American Samoa. In addition to being an author, he is a consultant for NOAA, where he assesses coral species for potential inclusion under the Endangered Species Act.


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