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Sea Turtle Study has begun-Letter from Terry Lilley

Aloha Turtle Lovers, The last two days has been good for the coral reefs and sea turtles at Tunnels Reef (Makua) in Kauai. This area in Kauai has suffered a massive coral loss in the last three years and recently a bunch of sea turtles with flipper and shell damage. Due to my reporting to our government agencies with pictures and video of the problem, they responded the last two days in person. I want to thank them for doing so from the depth of my heart. Dr. Thierry Work from the USGS Infectious Disease department came over from Honolulu with his assistant Renee. Dr George Balazs from NOAA also came over to help with the project. George has over 30 years of turtle studies world wide and is the head of the NOAA turtle program and education. He is a very warm and loving person who knows more about sea turtles than anyone I have ever met. I was honored to learn from him.

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